Does Special K Diet Work?

Does Special K Diet Work? That is the question on the mind of a lot of people as Kellogg’s continues to push this diet plan as a way to lose weight.

What is Special K Diet?
The basic premise behind this diet plan is that you can lose a small amount of weight very quickly if you eat Special K cereal or other Special K products for breakfast and lunch, plus a regular dinner. You have probably seen the ad below on TV that says you can ”Drop a jeans size in 2 weeks.” when you take the Special K challenge. The guarantee is that you could drop up to 6 pounds in two weeks if you stick with it.

According to a recent WebMD review, the Special K Diet is pretty much promoting weight loss using portion control. The only problem is that they don’t do a great job of telling you how much you should be eating, which means that there is potential for people to miss the mark, either by eating too much or not eating enough. Another issue is whether one can eat cereal and cereal based products all the time (even if for breakfast and lunch). We did a recent post about Special K Challenge Results, and some of the complaints we saw was about people being tired of eating cereal and cereal related products after a few days.

We agree with the WebMD conclusion that if you are going to take the challenge, use any weight loss achieved as a motivator to make a more sustainable change in your diet and exercise – so you can achieve long results and not short burst of weight loss that are not sustainable. Click here to see our full post on Special K Results and what real people who have tried it are saying.

Have you tried the Special K Challenge? We would love to hear about your experience. Comment below.

Special K Diet Results

What is the Special K Diet?

Special K Diet Results – Do they actually exist? Are people really on this diet and experiencing weight loss? If you have seen the Special K ads on TV, they look very convincing: It goes something like this: Take the Special K Challenge, where you eat two meals of Special K cereal, snack on fruits and vegetables, and eat one normal meal every day for two weeks. The results?Lose one jean size, or up to 6 pounds, in two weeks.

Some Nutritionists that have heard the Kellogg Advertisement are in disbelief, because they don’t think the plan works. But Kellogg has defended their cereal diet plan, saying it is based on research by nutrition experts at Purdue University that was published in the October 2001 issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. To prove it, Kellogg decided to follow “real women” for two weeks who signed up for the challenge to prove that the plan works. Here is one of those women – Tracey from Chicago who took up Kellogg on the challenge. Watch the videos below of Tracey going through the challenge and draw your own conclusions.

Here is Tracey at the half way mark – checking-in to update everyone on her progress. It appears she is very happy with how things are going after one week. Watch the video and tell us what you think.

This is Tracey at the end of her challenge talking about what it’s like to eat pretty much cereal for two weeks and the weight loss that came with it. She seems pleased with the results. But again, watch the video and draw your own conclusions. After which, you can watch videos below of people who took the challenge on their own (without Kellogg’s participation) and what they had to say. Here is Tracey.

But is it really true? Are there people who have taken the Special K Challenge and have actually achieved the results that are suggested on TV or by Tracey? We went on Youtube and found a few interesting takes.

Here is MsFashionAsh on Youtube that lost 2 inches on waist. Another thing she noticed is that she had a lot more energy during the challenge (because she was eating less carbs) and her skin was clearer. She added that she was also exercising during the challenge. But towards the end, she got sick of eating everything Special K.

This is Hailey on Youtube, who claims to lose a pound a day or every two days on the Special K Diet. She also does a great job of explaining what the Special K Diet is about and how the entire process works. So, if you are starting out, her video is worth watching because you get someone that is very familiar with the plan describe it and show you the various Special K Products that you can eat during the day to maintain variety and avoid becoming bored with the diet very quickly.

Here is Ben who did the challenge and talks about his experience after week 1 and Week 2. Here is the Week 1 video.

And here is Ben at Week 2. As you can see, he did not acheive the results he was hoping for and reflects on how difficult it was to get through the second week of the challenge.

Here is ScheyButta77 on Youtube who takes you through her challenge in 3 seperate videos. Worth watching because she goes through her stats before during and after her challenge. She is clearly pleased by the results.

Here is a critic of the Special K Diet. He makes it clear that if the plan is working for you, GREAT. But he raises some very important questions about the amount of calorie intake recommended when he signed up and the level of protein and sugar intake recommended. Watch and draw your own conclusions.